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How much should I spend on food a day?

Saulo Nardin|February 6, 2021
The average British household spends £5.74 on eating out and getting takeaways. It all adds up to £70.96 a day, or £496.70 a week, for British households, and £579.60 in London. Watch the video above to find out how your daily costs add up.

Just so, how much do you spend per month on food?

The USDA publishes a monthly food plan suggesting how much your groceries should be. The average cost of food per month for one person ranges from $165 to $345, depending on your age and gender. These national averages also vary based on where you live and the quality of your food purchases.

Also to know, how much should I be spending in groceries?

When budgeting for food, you should plan to spend a minimum of $250 per adult, and $150 per child each month. For example, a family of four with two children should budget $800 per month. This budget should cover groceries and dining out on occasion. So, there you have it, an actual guideline for your food budget.

How much money should I be spending on food a week?

Here's what the USDA recommends per week for a family of four, defined by the USDA as a male and female 19 – 50 years old and two children 2 – 11 years old: Thrifty: $131 – $150. Low-Cost: $167 – $197. Moderate-Cost: $206 – $246.

What can I eat with $5?

20 fast-food meals you can get for $5
  • Taco Bell currently sells three $5 meal boxes.
  • Jack in the Box, Wendy's, and Dairy Queen all have meal deals for $5 or less.
  • Carl's Jr. and KFC have several $5 meal box options.

How do you live on $5 a Day Eating Well on $5 a day?

My $5 Per Day Shopping List
  1. Rolled oats (2 cups per day, cooked)
  2. Almonds (15 per day)
  3. Fruit – apples, pears, bananas (2 per day)
  4. Whole grain brown rice (1 cup, cooked)
  5. Dried beans – chick peas, kidney, black, navy, etc. (
  6. Vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, green peppers (4 servings)

How can I live on $50 a week?

How to Feed Yourself for $50 a Week or Less
  1. Set a Weekly Budget…and Stick to It. You may think you'll just go to the store and spend as little as possible, but having a hard number in mind will help you save much more.
  2. Pick Your Store.
  3. Learn How Grocery Sales Work.
  4. Look for Store Brands.
  5. Give Coupons a Try.
  6. Do a Little Prep Work.
  7. Cut Waste.
  8. Avoid Eating Out.

Is it cheaper to cook at home or eat out?

But it is definitely a no-brainer it is much cheaper to cook for yourself than eat out. Keep the eating out for a treat once in a while and you will enjoy it more then anyway. If not overcooked, the much maligned meat and three veg – one green and one yellow plus mash – was very healthy eating.

How do people live on $50 a week for groceries?

Here are some of my tips for surviving and thriving on a $50 a week budget:
  1. Use a shopping list. Perhaps you think this is a no-brainer, but many people routinely go shopping without a shopping list.
  2. Meal plan.
  3. Eat less meat – and cheaper cuts.
  4. Eat fruit and vegetables in season – preferably homegrown.
  5. Cook from scratch.

How can I spend the least money on food?

From personal finance experts to savvy chefs, here are 15 tips to spend less money on food.
  1. Delete Seamless, GrubHub and other food delivery apps.
  2. Pick up your take out.
  3. Join a local CSA.
  4. Each month, tally your eating out expenditures.
  5. Keep dry goods like rice or legumes on hand.
  6. Sunday meal prep like a boss.

Does cooking really save money?

Yes, cooking at home saves money

Cooking (and packing up the leftovers for lunch at work the next day) reduced our spending on food to $110 per week for two adults and a toddler. A conservative estimate might be something like $210 every week, which works out to $5,200 in unnecessary spending on food every year.

How do I stop spending money on food?

9 Ways to Stop Spending Money on Food
  1. Research Prices.
  2. Stick to Your List.
  3. Eat Before You Shop.
  4. Plan Out Your Meals.
  5. Consider Buying in Bulk.
  6. Think Outside the Grocery Store.
  7. Coupon Carefully.
  8. Shop with the Seasons.

How can I spend $10 a week on groceries?

Spending $10 per week for groceries for one person
  1. Cook from scratch, plan, and freeze: Make enough food for several meals at one time and concentrate on planning monthly instead of weekly.
  2. Garden: Even a container garden can yield a good harvest!
  3. Buy marked down food.
  4. Take Advantage of FREE: Make your own preserves.

How much money does an average person spend a day?

Between housing, food, cellphone bills and other expenses, Americans shell out $164.55, on average, in a given day.

What is the average monthly grocery bill for a family of 2?

The average couple spends an average of $625 per month on groceries. This totals $7,500 per year. These figures are according to the USDA's moderate-cost plan. Unless you live an extremely frugal or lavish life, you'll likely be around this amount.

Is $200 a month enough for groceries?

$200 a month for food is actually quite a bit of money! That's $6.66 a day, which can buy a ton of variety, including expensive products as well - as long as you don't eat out or shop at places such as Whole Foods. Just buy things that are on sale and you'll be fine without even really trying.


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